It's become apparent that the folks who design green cars truly realize that their efforts should stand apart from the crowd. While some trod the tried and true path of bringing sexy back, others seem to make huge efforts to scare sexy away. Vehicles in this later camp seem to come, more often than not, from China, though there are certainly other countries who seem to think that green means weird. (We're looking at you, France) The reigning champion of car bizarre is no doubt the Tang Hua "Detroit Fish" (above right) which first left us gasping for air at, surprise, the Detroit Auto Show. This car does Dr. Seuss even better than the GEM Peapod and is amphibious to boot.

Though the green cars born in Japan tend to be more pragmatic or "cute", they have been known to show us some peculiar-looking cars as well. Their latest entry into this category is the "Bamgoo" (above left). No, that's not a typo. This electric car boasts a 30-mile range and weighs only 132 lbs thanks to its being constructed with, you guessed it, bamboo. The single passenger oddity was recently unveiled in Kyoto and was built at that city's university with locally-grown materials. We suspect it is somewhat greener than its Chinese competitor, but is it weirder? Hit the comments to let us know.

[Source: Japan Probe]

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