As the need for fuel efficiency and the desire for power continue on unabated, automakers are looking for more ways to increase the performance of their powertrains. Many times, we focus in on the engine as it holds the most promise for huge efficiency gains. There's more to eking out the best mileage possible, though, including making transmission adjustments. Mercedes-Benz has moved forward with seven gear ratios and Lexus has upped the ante with an eight-speed unit. BMW looks ready to follow as it introduces new eight-speeders of its own. Now, it sounds like Hyundai will be the third manufacturer to roll out transmissions with double the number of ratios that some transmissions still on the market employ. As more gearing options are included, the car's assorted computers can choose the most appropriate option to get the desired performance while retaining as much efficiency as possible. We'd expect the new tranny to see its first application in the Genesis sedan in 2010.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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