You can never be certain about the information you get from fourth-hand, unconfirmed sources. General Motors will be releasing its third quarter financial results this morning, and it will be ugly for sure. Rick Wagoner will also be announcing more cuts that will likely include layoffs among engineering staff. GM is expected to cancel or delay almost all future product plans in an attempt to staunch its current cash burn rate. One of those aforementioned fourth-hand sources told another website last night that the Chevy Volt is among the programs on the chopping block. AutoblogGreen contacted GM's Volt spokesman Rob Peterson, who stated that "there's no truth in that statement whatsoever" regarding the story that appeared on Jalopnik. Chevrolet spokesman Terry Rhadigan also said "I'm not going to respond to specific speculation. The Volt remains a top priority for our Company and there are no changes to the timing of the program." So for now, at least, the Volt is safe.

[Sources: AutoblogGreen, General Motors, Jalopnik]

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