It looks like dealers of mainstream high volume autos aren't the only ones struggling with the current credit freeze. Plenty of car dealers across the country have turned out the lights this year as sales have dried up and costs for borrowing to stock cars have gone up. In spite of that, exotic car sales have apparently held up even in this down market. Evidently that wasn't enough to help Orange County Lamborghini. The Santa Ana, CA dealership reportedly accounted for 10 percent of all 2,400 Lamborghini sales world-wide. Pietro Frigerio, COO of Lamborghini America, told the Orange County Register that current economic conditions were not the reason for the closing. Instead he pointed at other business dealings by dealership owner Vik Keuylian. No details were provided, but it would not be surprising if Keuylian was involved in the Southern California real estate market that has gone bust this year. This could pose a significant issue for Lamborghini and Bull owners in the region. The company will have to line up new sales and service outlets quickly in the SoCal market. Thanks to creigs9 for the tip!

[Source: Orange County Register]

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