General Motors has been the perpetrator of several fortunate and unfortunate badge engineering jobs over the years, and the G8 -- based off the Holden Commodore -- is the most recent example. The Aussie sedan was partially developed with American sales in mind and because of that, it doesn't take much to give your spiffy new G8 a nose job inspired by the Land Down Under. Australian firm JHP Vehicle Enhancements will sell you an entire body kit to change your G8 into a Holden for a mere, um, $4,000 if you choose to go all out in an attempt to replicate the HSV model. That's a sizable chunk of change, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Since we're less concerned with appearances, we'd just put the extra scratch towards upgrading to the GXP.

[Source: JHP Vehicle Enhancements via Autofiends]

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