Changan Ben Ben

While we've known that Canadian battery systems maker Electrovaya has teamed up with Tata to produce electric versions of their Indica model, we were surprised to learn that the company was hooking up with Ford's Chinese auto-making partner, Changan, to bring electric cars to the "True North strong and free." We were even more surprised to learn it could happen this year. According to a report on Reuters, the company is adding electric drivetrains to some 30 Ben Ben (CV6) gliders shipped over from the Peoples Republic and will be responsible for Canadian distribution as well. The article says that eventually Changan will do all the production work themselves. No performance figures accompanied the story which was "leaked" by an unnamed Electrovaya executive so it is unknown if the vehicle will go highways speeds or what kind of range it might offer. We have contacted the company and will fill you in on all the details as soon as they are made available. Thanks to Andrew for the tip!

[Source: Reuters]

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