There are lots of watchmakers that cultivate relationships with automakers and Formula One teams, but few have managed to establish themselves quite like TAG Heuer, whose sponsorship of F1, among other motorsport disciplines, has made their products synonymous with racing. Now TAG is hoping to carry its status into the optics industry, and this is their latest effort: the TAG Heuer C-Flex.

If you were wondering why more eyeglass companies haven't made frames out of carbon fiber, this is the answer. The C-Flex is made of the lightweight, high-strength (and high-cost) wonder-material, with fixtures from titanium in a flexible design said to be inspired by the suspension on an F1 car that, along with the patented nose pads, instantly adjusts to your face. The TAG Heuer C-Flex was unveiled at the recent Silmo optical show in Paris, where it won the Golden Award for its innovative design, and will become available (for an assuredly princely sum) in Spring 2009.

[Source: TAG Heuer via acquire]

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