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SEMA Preview: Hyundai experimenting with cylinder deactivation and supercharging

We've been hearing that Hyundai has big plans for its new V8 engine, despite the fact that fuel efficiency has just recently become paramount in the U.S. market. As the Korean automaker's first-ever V8, the company has plenty to learn. That's fine, since it appears as if Hyundai is truly serious about getting the most from its new powerplant. Supercharging is being explored first, and a force-fed version of the car, which an Autoblog reader managed to snap a few pictures of while it was being gassed up, is set to debut at the upcoming SEMA Show. The power-adder allows the Tau V8 engine to offer 460-horsepower and propel the big sedan to sixty in just 4.9 seconds.

Extra power is nice and all, but we're also very concerned with fuel economy, of course. Fortunately, so is Hyundai, so the RKSport Genesis that's headed to Vegas has also been fitted with cylinder deactivation. That's a feature that isn't yet included on the stock car, but that may soon change. Word from Motive is that it's likely headed to production versions of the Tau V8 engine in short order. Fuel mileage on the 460-horse supercharged mill actually improves to 18 city and 27 highway, matching the figures of the standard V6 engine. Now that's progress.

[Source: Motive]

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