Click above for high-res gallery of the Honda Civic HFP Concept

Honda's F1 team might not be about winning, but it is all about green and dreams of the Earth. In another triumph of race tech trickling down to the masses, Honda unveiled the Civic HFP Concept to show regular folks like you and me that we can have performance and good gas mileage. Developed by Honda Access America, the automaker's in-house factory accessories maker, the Civic HFP is based on the Civic Si Sedan and features a next-generation HFP body kit with additional aero enhancements, super light alloy wheels with aerodynamic covers, a super light HFP exhaust and upgraded HFP suspension. Honda doesn't mention what gas mileage you might expect from the HFP Concept, but we'd venture a guess that it's more fuel efficient than a stock Civic Si Sedan. You can read the press release after the jump and check out the gallery of live and official high-res photos below.


Honda also revealed a Civic Honda Factory Performance (HFP) Concept sedan that represents a new approach on performance improvement. With more consumer concern about fuel prices, future customers may want to maximize the performance of their vehicles without compromising fuel economy. Honda Access America, Honda's accessory development company, took on that challenge. Through aerodynamic improvements to the next generation HFP body kit, super-light alloy wheels with aerodynamic covers, a lighter HFP exhaust system and an upgraded HFP suspension kit, this concept offers the possibility of improving both fuel economy and performance. In fact, a very similar package has proven its worth on the race tracks of Japan on the Civic Type R race car, which campaigned in a spec series called the Super Taikyu Series.

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