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It doesn't surprise us that someone makes a 30-inch wheel. It does, however, that someone actually makes a 30-inch tire. We are behind the times because Pirelli has been making the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico in 315/30R30 sizes since 2006. We spotted two separate Hummer H2s sporting the tire along with two separate wheels - one with the Giovanna Caracas-8 and the other with Asanti AF 143, both, of course, in chrome. We'd really like to know how a Hummer H2 handles with 30-inch wheels in place, and we can't imagine what these do to the ride quality. The real kicker? We did a search for the Pirelli tires and found that they run for just over $2,000... each. If you include a spare like the blue H2 did, that means you're putting out well over $10,000 just in tires.

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