Click the Saab 9-4X for a high res gallery from its Detroit debut

It looks like the cash flow crunch down at the Ren Cen has claimed another product victim. This time it's the Saab 9-4X that looks like it will see a delay of up to a year before it's launched. The new Saab crossover debuted as a concept at this year's Detroit Auto Show and had been scheduled to launch in the fall of 2009. The Saab shares its platform with the Cadillac SRX that will debut at Detroit in January and go on into production in May. In concept form, the Saab used a direct injected and turbocharged 2.0L four cylinder that's optimized for operation on E85. The production version will likely use something similar. While the concept didn't use a hybrid drive system, and GM hasn't given any indication in that direction, the production version could potentially use the two-mode hybrid transaxle that will debut shortly in the similarly-sized Saturn Vue. The premium-priced Saab could prove to be a more viable platform for selling the pricey two-mode system.

[Source: Left Lane News]

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