Photo by runneralan2004. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

What makes a motorcycle? We know that a lot of automakers have realized that by going down to three wheels in a "car," they can avoid a lot of the rules and regulations that apply to motorized four-wheelers: crash testing, NEV speed limits, etc. Now, a law being considered in Ontario that is trying to reduce motorcycle injuries could hamper people driving eco-trikes like a Xebra or an Aptera (like the U.S., Canada considers vehicles with three wheels to be motorcycles). Called the "Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Child Passengers on Motorcycles), 2008," the law would prevent anyone from driving or operating motorcycles with children under the age of 14 on board. Also known as M117, this bill had its first reading just over a week ago (October 27) and there is already a Facebook group opposed to the legislation. You can read the full text of the bill here. No word on rules regarding pugs on your bike, although the helmet is a good idea. Thanks to Ian D. for the tip!

[Source: Legislative Assembly of Ontario]

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