It seems that Neil Young is looking to convert more classic Detroit iron from gas-guzzling V8-powered "hogs" to electric powered "swans." Young's quest has already begun, with the rock star converting his own 5,000-pound 1959 Lincoln into an electric vehicle known as the Linc Volt. That car has seen its internal combustion engine yanked in favor of an electric motor from UQM Technologies. We're a bit sketchy on exactly what else is currently being done to the original Linc Volt, and we'll write another post about our findings in a bit. In the meantime, we've discovered that Young has reportedly started a new company called Linc Volt Technologies with the goal of performing more EV conversions.

According to Mr. Young, "Our main focus is on developing the technology. We can tell people how to do it. Or, we can do it for you." Marc Benioff, a friend of Young's, is set to be the newly-created company's first customer, getting his Ford F-150 truck converted to electric. A documentary film of the Linc Volt's conversion is currently being filmed.

[Source: SF Gate]

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