Echoing rumors that we've been hearing all year is a news story from Kiplingers that we ran across on Yahoo Financial suggesting again that air-powered vehicles will be available in the U.S. within a few years time. Instead of larger cars, though, we could get the little three-wheeled, joystick-driven AirPod that's scheduled to hit New Zealand any time now. Zero Pollution Motors still has high hopes that it will bring cars powered by compressed air to the masses in the United States. In all actuality, the cars are really powered by whatever compresses the air that resides in the car's tank, but that's another matter entirely. ZPM envisions small plants in every U.S. state where consumers will be able to purchase one of an estimated 8,000 annual AirPods directly. This would eliminate the middle-man and combine the factories with the dealerships. Larger States would get multiple dealerships. The plants would license the technology and get a fully turn-key plant from MDI/Tata Motors for a reported $15 million. We'll believe it when we see it. Thanks for the tip, Torrent!

[Source: Kiplingers]

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