If you're a fan of watching engineering challenges being tackled and new companies springing to life then perhaps Revolution Motors and their Dagne might be of interest to you. Echoing the open-to-the-public development route that we've seen, at least to some extent, with the Tesla Roadster and the Chevy Volt, the fledgling company has released a video of their three-wheeled leaning, joystick-controlled prototype making its exit from their cavernous garage onto the waiting streets. Actually, there are several videos. The one that's most important though is the one that gives us a more formal introduction to the Dagne, points out some of her features and explains how the joystick controls the steering, tilting and braking. Then, of course, we get to see Progressive Automotive X-Prize contender putting that tech to good use on a bit of tarmac. While it's not gripping-the-seat roller coaster kind of thrilling, it is satisfying to see the proof of concept prototype actually built and doing what it is supposed to do. Revolution Motors has also released a video today of their soft-spoken founder, Ben Werner, talking about the car, the company and their plans, in what seems to be a pitch for future investors. We've included this, as well as the Dagne rolling reveal, after the jump.

[Source: Revolution Motors / YouTube]

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