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Thousands of soccer moms would probably argue that Honda's Odyssey is the greatest vehicle ever built. Well, the rest of us know that the Toyota Sienna is an equal, but both are still relatively boring.

Mugen has been making pedestrian Hondas more exciting for 35 years and its most recent project is the new JDM Honda Odyssey, which is a different vehicle entirely than the Odyssey sold in the U.S. Nevertheless, it could possibly be the most exciting-looking minivan ever created, "looking" being the key word there. For the JDM Odyssey, Mugen leaves its 203-hp four-cylinder alone and focuses mostly on the minivan's appearance. A new grille, new front and rear fascias, sporty-looking rear wing, side ground effects a line of custom wheels make up the Mugenized Odyssey. A sport exhaust and brake kit with slotted rotors are as close to performance upgrades as you're going to get. Nevertheless, it's still cooler than any minivan we have over here. Including the Odyssey and Sienna.

[Source: Nihon Car]

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