This past April, the troubles between Henrik Fisker (of Fisker Automotive) and Tesla Motors resulted in a lawsuit. Tesla filed the suit against Fisker Automotive accusing Fisker of stealing insider information (he did some work on the design of the Tesla Whitestar/Model S sedan) for his own company. In May, Fisker asked that the suit be sent to arbitration and that happened in June. The arbitration court has now decided the case in Fisker's favor.

Fisker Automotive said the ruling "completely vindicates" Fisker. In a statement, one of Fisker's lawyers, Thomas Newmeyer, said, "The finding by the Arbitrator says it all. My clients have been completely vindicated of any wrongdoing." Tesla's Darryl Siry told AutoblogGreen that the only comment the company is the same one he gave Autoweek: "We disagree with the ruling, and we're focused on producing and shipping cars to our customers." They'll be able to do that $40 million in convertible debt financing announced today. More on that in a bit. Thanks to rs for the tip!

[Source: Autoweek]

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