After taking a look at Autoblog's By the Numbers post for last month's U.S. sales figures, um, we need a drink. Seriously, it looks really bad. Except for one little bright spot from... drum roll please... MINI, yet again. As has been the case all year, the HUMMER brand was hit the hardest, falling an abysmal 66% in daily sales rate. MINI, on the other hand, scored a victory that's almost equally as impressive with a 50.6% daily sales rate increase.

Of course, the MINI brand couldn't possibly be any more opposed to the HUMMER marque. While the MINI Cooper manages to score fuel economy that's nearly comparable to the best in America, the HUMMER brand, and especially the H2 behemoth, frequently sees single-digit mileage numbers in testing. Although gas prices have indeed fallen off a bit as of late, that news wasn't enough to account for an increase in sales for the off-road specialist. It's been a rather rapid fall from grace, with the HUMMER brand selling more vehicles in September of last year than MINI.

[Source: Autoblog]

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