Click above for gallery of the 1983 Mentley Insanne Turbo

Andy Saunders has been responsible for some off-the-wall creations – like the Aurora, the chopped-down Fiat lowrider and the Hyundai ice cream van – but this one makes us wonder if he didn't take the car's title to heart. Called the Mentley Insanne, the custom rod is based on a 1983 Bentley Mulsanne, a fairly staid but powerful limousine with a 6.75-liter turbo V8 that Saunders evidently felt could use some extra flash. So he chopped the roof, tacked on some Range Rover parts (notice the headlights and side gills), the panoramic glass roof from an old Mercedes SL, dropped the suspension on some 20-inch dubs and crafted some custom aero bits.

The one-off creation was recently sold at the RM Automobiles of London auction for £18,700, several grand under estimates and undoubtedly less than it cost Saunders to make the thing. The buyer must by anonymous, as we wouldn't expect any self earth-respecting celebrity to pull up in this on the red carpet... unless ZZ Top is planning a reunion.

[Source: RM Auctions and]

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