After the G419 Invitational ended last Sunday, I was outside BSing with Davey G. Johnson (the erstwhile Jalop, friend of Autoblog, and all-around great guy) as we looked over the cars that still remained parked in the GPNY lot. The front row contained both a Gallardo Roadster and a spanking new LP560-4, while row two was home to a silver Diablo SV. We were going over the SV, commenting on how it's aged rather well, when Davey noted something that inspired this particular post.

"Look at that," he said, pointing at the all-lowercase, italicized, block-letter 'lamborghini' badge on the Diablo's rear deck. "That would look so much better on the new cars." The new-school Lambos, as you're all aware, wear the cursive 'Lamborghini' on their tails. Davey and I walked over to the LP560, eyeballed it, and returned to the SV. I have to say, I'm with him on this one. Those lowercase block letters are like Countach-flavored exoticar comfort food, and they'd look perfect on the angular modern Lambos. Then again, maybe the happy medium would be to split the difference and go with this classic.

In any case, let's put it to a vote:

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