As a reward for its great efforts to unfailingly host a successful Formula 1 Grand Prix in a world class venue year after year, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) has decided to stop bringing its high-horsepower racing show to Montreal. Citizens of this ultra-cool city, who gathered in small cafes by their thousands early Sunday mornings to follow the seasons proceedings, are not impressed. In fact, they're pissed. But instead of rioting in the streets (that's reserved for hockey), some are looking beyond the paradigm of racing gas-powered polluters towards "l'auto de demain," (the car of tomorrow). And what would power that car? The electricity that Quebec has in abundance from it many existing dams, of course.

Respected auto journalist Jacques Duval, who has experienced the Daytona 500 from behind the steering wheel, in his blog for suggests that the city should sponsor a 6-hour electric car endurance race in lieu of the noisy Grand Prix. He posits that the city could offer up a $1 million prize to lure electric car makers, such as the native Zenn or perhaps someone like Tesla, to submit an entry. We can think of a few others off the top of our heads who might show an interest in competing in a profile-raising event marketed as the "avant-garde" of racing formats. Venturi, for instance already has a history in racing, and newcomer to British Hillclimbing competition, Bee Automobile, has a car that already looks the part (above). Going by the enthusiastic comments from some of his readers, this idea could possibly gain traction in the real world. Do ABG readers agree? Let us know, mes amis.


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