Although the French Minister of Economy complained about the reduction in taxes when the bonus/malus system started in France, the whole scheme is only now getting some changes. How does the system work? When you purchase a car, you have to pay an additional tax (malus) if the car produces too much CO2, or you might get money back from the state (bonus) if it's below a certain amount.

The most important change is how it will affect large families. Since you can't really haul three children in a Renault Twingo, buying a minivan was a costly option with a significant malus. Well, the new change allows you to discount 20 g/km of CO2 from your new purchase for every child over the second one. For instance, if you have four children, you will be able to deduct 40 grams from the 179 a Ford Galaxy or the non-Bluemotion Sharan, and thus save the €1,000 from the malus payment. In the case of ethanol cars, the reduction is a direct 40 percent - which is the estimated reduction in total emissions when driving an E85-powered vehicle. However, these two new changes will only be in effect if the car produces under 250 g/km, so there's no hope for a gasoline-powered Chrysler minivan, for instance.

[Source: Le Blog Auto]

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