Volkswagen has so far been pretty sketchy about what will be built at its new Chattanooga plant. About all they've said is that it will be a brand new mid-size sedan model specifically for the U.S. market.

Chattanooga's NBC affiliate, WRCB, attended a VW reception last week in Berlin where they discovered a few more details about the car. A very few. First, the car is referred to by VW insiders as the NMS, an acronym for the uncreative name, "New Midsize Sedan." VW plans for the car to offer a TDI diesel as well as double clutch transmissions. Which all sounds very Jetta-like.

Also revealed in the WRCB video is that the NMS will have a "large trunk" and "spacious legroom." Thank goodness. We really can't stand sedans with tiny trunks and less legroom than economy on a domestic flight. And, despite WRCB's Web site proclaiming that the video gives "a sneak peek of what the Chattanooga car will look like," the generic outline you see at right is the closest you'll get.

Unfortunately, there was no mention during the speech of any Microbus plans for Chattanooga. So, for now, Brooke Shields will have to keep pushing re-branded Chryslers.

[Source: WRCB via The German Car Blog]

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