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A bright yellow DHL van just pulled up to Autoblog HQ and dropped off a cardboard envelope, inside of which was another brown envelope marked "CONFIDENTIAL". At this point we're thinking there are instructions inside to get out of the building before it blows up, but what we found was a CD from SVT labeled "Coming from SVT in 2009". Since we haven't heard a peep from SVT in a while, our curiosity was boiling over.

On the disc we found this video, which is embedded after the jump, of the upcoming 2009 F-150 "Raptor" SVT storming across a desert at 60 mph. The truck is still wearing camouflage so we can't see the body work, but what we can see is a very beefy suspension being punished at high speed over an uneven sun-scorched surface. The video also opens with the quote, "We'll call your off-road package, and go all in..." Who knew the SVT crew was so into off-roading? From what we hear, SVT has distributed videos to a number of outlets, each one unique and showing a different side of the new hardcore off-roader. And, though it hardly needs to be said, any rumors of the Raptor program being cancelled are quite clearly untrue. Follow the jump to view the video for yourself.

Second video added after the jump. (Thanks for the tip, George!)

Ford F-150 Raptor SVT

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