Tesla Motors and it's man in charge, Elon Musk, have had to make some tough decisions these past few weeks. The announcements made by Musk indicate that cash is getting tight, leading some to speculate that the company won't be in business much longer. Not so, says Tesla. Musk has reportedly personally guaranteed that the fledgling automaker would deliver all Roadsters to customers that have placed deposits, saying, "I have the means and wherewithal to do so. So people should have absolutely zero concern about their deposit." While the Roadster's production is moving forward as planned, the automaker's Model S sedan has been delayed by at least six months.

Tesla Motors has also just announced that it is close to closing on its latest round of funding to the tune of at least $20 million. As of right now, Musk suggests that the automaker currently has about $9 million in funds with which to operate, a figure that some point to when suggesting that Tesla's on the financial ropes. Musk discounts those rumors, saying that $9 mil is plenty for now and that more funds will be coming from past company backers in the very near future. Of course, we'll be watching the situation closely, but it appears that rumors of the company's death are more than a bit premature.

[Source: Tesla Motors, Reuters]

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