Click above for high-res renderings of the Group Five Limited Challenger Speedster

Aftermarket companies have plans to take the Challenger in directions that Dodge isn't willing to go, first and foremost by stripping off its top. Dodge won't be doing the deed itself due to cost and weight considerations, but for those lovers of open-air motoring with deep enough pockets, anything can be done. We've already posted on the first such example that's headed for the upcoming SEMA Show in Vegas, which will come from Coach Builders Ltd. and appears to be a pretty straightforward roof-removal. Now we've caught wind that a second Challenger convertible is headed to Sin City from Group Five Limited. This Challenger 'vert comes sans top and with a cut-down windshield for that classic "speedster" profile. Other body mods clean up the front and rear fascias for a true shaved, custom look. Take a look at the two renderings below for an early peek at what to expect when we hit the floor of SEMA next week.

[Source: 4 Wheels News]

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