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Winters must be long in Southeastern Iowa. Why else would you fillet a Taurus SHO and attach a ladder frame with leaf springs to the back end? You're all set if you share Neff's love of the SHO, as well as a healthy affinity for the Ranchero. This car's apparently a show winner, and it looks about as good as a second-generation Taurus can when mated to the bed of a Ranger. The seller says it runs great and has a smooth ride; we believe the "runs great" part, as the SHO engine is one of our all-time favorites. And a leaf-sprung rear axle with no weight on it must make for very exciting chassis dynamics - think spooky like Halloween. Hey, at least it's not some kind of Pontiac/Lamborghini mashup. Thanks for the tip, Elliot!

[Source: eBay Motors]

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