Spanish Economy newspaper El Economista has published an interview with Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, in which he says what a lot of our readers have been saying: hydrogen engines don't make sense.
While speaking about Mercedes' upcoming models, Zetsche gave a solid affirmation about downsides of the "hydrogen technology." Hydrogen cars are not viable economically, he said. Zetsche listed the upcoming models and green technologies Mercedes is offering for the next few years: Diesotto, Natural Gas, the Blueefficiency line for the A, B and C series and Bluetec in the U.S. first and in Europe some time afterwards, not to mention the S400 hybrid introduced in Paris. When it comes to future products, Zetsche speaks about the new C250 V6 Bluetefficiency, the new Bluetec diesel hybrids in 2010 and new batteries for the Electric Smart. A lot of technologies, not a lot of H2.

[Source: El Economista]

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