The other day, our friends at Autoblog did a little thought experiment about which vehicle models would survive if the much-talked-about merger between GM and Chrysler comes to pass. The post didn't focus on the greener side of things, but we already know that the big Chrysler SUVs aren't long for this world and that Chrysler already wants a little of the Volt advertising attention. So, what might happen should these two companies become one?

Lots of job cuts, to be sure, but when it comes to the excess vehicle models in the line-ups, Grant Thornton of the consulting firm Grant Thornton LLP, told Automotive News (subs req'd) that of the 26 or so current Chrysler models, only seven are "core" and would survive the merger: the Dodge Ram pickup; Chrysler and Dodge minivans; and several Jeep models, including the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. None of those are exactly eco-friendly, but AN writes that GM's plug-in hybrid knowledge is a vital addition to the potential merged company (file under: no kidding), while Chrysler's cash is appealing to GM (again, no kidding). What do you see surviving should a new GMrysler company take shape?

[Source: Automotive News (subs req'd)]

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