We may or may not have already passed peak oil. All we know is that the post-apocalyptic vision wrought in Mad Max films may someday become reality, and then we're all gonna wish we had Interceptors. AutoArt Models recently came out with a 1:18 die cast Interceptor model recently, but it doesn't come filthy enough for some fans. Detail-man extrodinaire Paul Miller decided to do something about it and built his own insanely detailed diorama complete with lots of dirt and dust (and some fuel drips!), Max himself, and other well chosen accessories for the scene. We're way behind building our own Edsel model for the Autoblog Garage, but Paul's work is at a level we'll never achieve. We're inspired to try, though, after seeing his work! Paul will also build you a custom model or diorama with this insane level of detail, provided you're willing to part with some money. He charges between $400 and $700 for his dioramas and his contact info can be found at Hemmings via source link below. You'll also find more pics of his Mad Max masterpiece there, and you can check out what a squeaky clean Interceptor model looks like right out of the box in our gallery below.

[Source: Hemmings]

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