Remember Doug Pelmear, the inventor and mechanic from Toledo, Ohio who claims that his late-80's Fox Body Mustang makes 400-horsepower and still manages to return 80 miles per gallon? Doug's back in Toledo's news and he's making the same claims as before. In fact, Pelmear's Mustang can run on ethanol and in so doing, he says, can get up to 110 miles per gallon equivalent. Apparently, Doug's claims have been met with some skepticism, which isn't really surprising considering that the claims seem rather outrageous, so he's got a plan to prove that his Grandfather's invention works as advertised. Doug will drive his 1987 Mustang from Toledo to Las Vegas, Nevada for the upcoming SEMA Show.

Along the way to Vegas, Doug and his team will keep track of his car's fuel mileage and will report it after the 4,000 mile round trip is completed. Afterward, the Mustang will be entered into the Automotive X-Prize. We're still firmly in the skeptical camp, but this is one of those instances where we'd love to see ourselves proven wrong. Maybe if it works, the nation's attention will turn from Toledo's other recently-famous person, Joe the Plumber.

[Source: WNWO NBC24]

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