There's no doubt that the Tesla Roadster is a fine performance car. We've driven one (actually, two) and are therefore qualified to say that it's one mean green machine. The acceleration of an electric car is something truly inspiring to witness, with its torque coming on strong right when the accelerator is first pressed, and the Tesla's got the wattage to continue putting that power down for the full 1320. Proof positive of the Roadster's quarter-mile performance came from a recent trip to the Wednesday Night Drags at Infineon Raceway in California. An Autoblog reader was present for at least one of the orange car's passes down the drag strip and witnessed a time of 12.7-seconds. Anything under 13-seconds in the quarter is quite good and this performance puts the Roadster in firmly in Ferrari territory and bests the Lotus Elise that the Roadster shares many components with. We're not sure if this car was driven by someone from Tesla or if its a customer car, or whether it has the latest version 1.5 drivetrain installed. Thanks for the tip, JP!

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