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It seems that the world is determined to make Pontiac two-seaters suffer the terrible fate of poor transmogrification into half-baked exotic replicas. Fieros are the common victim, but this yellow spud is the result of some Idahoans attacking a Solstice. With the top down and yellow paint making you squint, it's evocative of the Lamborghini that it's attempting to rip off, but it's all over when the top goes up and that telltale Solstice convertible-top-cum-baseball-cap sees the light of day. We can't find any mention of the donor Solstice being a GXP, which would support the seller's claim of a $32,000 starting point. Additionally, a Solstice with an automatic is abhorrent, but a Lamborghini, even a replica, with an autobox is just asking for ridicule, especially when you've fiddled with the exhaust to make the note extra annoying. Lastly, we can't fathom why you'd drop the $70K these guys want for some homebuilt thing, when you can get a real Lamborghini for $27 grand.

[Source: eBay]

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