The Chevy Volt has drummed up an absolutely huge amount of hype for General Motors. The car isn't expected to be sold this year or even next near. No, those eager to lower their petroleum usage for transportation in a GM bowtie will need to wait until late 2010 before the new car is expected to be available, and that's assuming everything continues to go relatively smoothly with the car's development. But General Motors has still gotten plenty of publicity, and most of it positive, for even starting on the extended-range electric vehicle in the first place. And now, perhaps Chrysler is trying to get in on the positive spin as well. Perhaps the automaker is ENVI-ous? Or is the automaker preparing for its rumored corporate takeover?

Those of you who use Gmail are probably very familiar with the short little advertising blurbs across the top of your inbox. Those brief ads use keywords from your emails to try and predict your interests, and advertising bits for Chrysler's ENVI program are showing up using "Volt" as a keyword. One one hand, this should be expected, considering that anyone who's interested in the Chevy Volt may be interested in Chrysler's ENVI project. Not all agree with that assessment, though, as you can see here. What's more, that ENVI site has almost nothing of real substantial interest to the green automotive crowd. We'd expect more from Detroit's third largest automaker if its actually going to be attracting attention to the ENVI minisite.

[Source: EcoGeek]

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