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Perhaps the Paris for President stunt is getting to be past its sell-by date, but the latest video from the series has made it out to the interwebs anyway. It seems that the heiress got her wish for a green luxury car. It's not a hybrid HUMMER, as she stated she wanted a while back, but it's the next best thing, we guess. The Cadillac Escalade hybrid is currently the top-of-the-line hybrid vehicle on the roads for young celebs wanting to make an eco-friendly statement. Plus, there is plenty of sheet metal available for the hybrid 'ute to be painted your favorite shade.

We wonder if Paris is still driving the hybrid Ford Escape that the automaker gave her last year, of if that car just wasn't luxurious - or pink - enough. Paris also suggests that we ratify the Kyoto Treaty right away, amongst other things. Would her new BFF be the Vice President? See the full video from CNN after the break.

[Source: CNN]


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