The idea of companies renting hybrid sedans and limousines is certainly not new. is trying to stand out in the increasingly crowded space by offering some unique services and committing to investments in new technology. is a new variant of the online reservation service already offered by LimoRes and ElectriCar both aggregate limousine rental services. The websites allow users to put in a pickup and drop off location and date. The information is then passed over to one of 200+ affiliated rental agencies to actually execute the rental. The site allows customers to rent hybrid vehicles like the Lexus LS600h or RX400h.

In addition, ElectriCar has also committed to giving a percentage of its revenue to for carbon offsets. More importantly, ElectriCar has committed to giving five percent of its total revenue to research and development efforts aimed at creating wireless power transmission systems. The goal is to eliminate the need for huge batteries by sending power remotely to electric cars as they drive. If successful only a smaller battery would be required that could provide transient power for acceleration and bridge coverage gaps. Of course any such system is still many years in the future - if its possible at all - and huge infrastructure investments will be needed. Thanks to Mike for the tip!


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