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At the Såo Paolo Auto Show in Brazil this week, Renault has unveiled a new version of the Sandero: this one a quirky, flex-fuel design called the Renault Sandero Sand'Up concept. The active-lifestyle oriented concept can be converted from a hard-top coupe to a convertible pickup and seats 2+2, or two and their kiteboards, perhaps. The 1.6 liter 16V Hi-Flex is flex-fuel capable - pretty much a necessity in ethanol-happy Brazil - and offers either 107 hp on petrol or 112 hp on ethanol.

On the outside, the Sand'Up's got exaggerated wheel arches and a somewhat gaudy red trapezoid in front. Still, we like the style, and that means we like what they're doing south of our border. The Sand'Up is the first Renault concept designed exclusively in South America.

[Source: Renault, ZER Customs]

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