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Pontiac hopes to clear things up with a post on Pontiac blog regarding the future of its current products, namely the G8 and Solstice. It was just the other day that rumors of the brand's two rear-wheel drive vehicles possible being canceled hit the interwebs, and we dutifully reported on the story as we always do. According to Pontiac, though, those rumors are nothing more than speculation and should not be taken as gospel unless you hear it from the horse's (or Mr. Lutz's) mouth, which we have not. Still, the rumor in question indicates that the G8 will live on at least another five years, assuming it continues to sell that long, but would not be replaced after that. This could still be the case. Likewise, the Solstice has not been canceled, but it's replacement in GM's lineup still seems unlikely given the low volume of sales the vehicle attracts. In short, nobody can predict the future, but sometimes the handwriting on the wall isn't that tough to read.

[Source: Pontiac Underground]

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