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The ITM/Roush Ford Transit van is not the only hydrogen-powered vehicle to make an appearance before UK government officials in late October. ITM Power showed off its converted Ford Focus to Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg MP and Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable MP last week at ITM's Sheffield factory. The MPs drove the car and visited ITM's home hydrogen demonstration suite "where everything from a cooker to a television runs on power produced cleanly from hydrogen."

Over a year ago, ITM said it had reached a bi-fuel "breakthrough." The idea, as we described at the time is to use an electrolizer to make hydrogen from energy (renewable, when available) and water. The hydrogen is then fed to the appliances, the car and to make electricity in fuel cells. I'm still not sure why one would want to convert electricity to hydrogen just to go back to electricity, but at least the car doesn't emit and CO2. I suppose that's what led the MPs to make their glowing statements pasted after the jump.

[Source: ITM Power]


Lib Dem leaders see the hydrogen solution

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg MP drove into the energy future today (Thursday October 23rd) behind the wheel of a British engineered hydrogen-powered car.

Along with the party's Shadow Chancellor, Vince Cable MP, he visited ITM Power, a firm pioneering ways of using hydrogen as a CO2-free fuel for cars, trucks and buses as well as a clean alternative power supply for homes, offices and factories.

At ITM Power's Sheffield factory they drove a Ford Focus converted to run on hydrogen and toured a home demonstration suite where everything from a cooker to a television runs on power produced cleanly from hydrogen.

The MPs also saw ITM's Home Refuelling Station which allows householders to produce hydrogen, which in turn can be used to produce clean electricity, and be self-sufficient and independent of the national grid. Hydrogen produces no harmful emissions when burnt and ITM Power has recently started pilot production of the stations at its factory in Sheffield.

Nick Clegg MP said: "We have seen some remarkable technology today, and it's great that a British company is doing it. ITM Power would appear to have some of the answers to help us address both climate change and our dependence on fossil fuels."

Vince Cable was equally impressed. He added: "What we have seen demonstrated today is a vision of what could become a reality for millions of householders and drivers."

Paul Scriven, Leader of Sheffield City Council, also attended the presentations.

Jim Heathcote, ITM Power's CEO, said: "We are pleased that these very busy politicians took the time to see what we are doing and they showed a genuine interest.

"Only a few days ago the Government announced higher targets to cut greenhouse gases by 2050. What we have developed is a series of practical products that will significantly help to reduce greenhouse emissions and could help the Government realise these tougher targets."

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