Image by SirWiseOwl. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

As New Zealand resident and Flickr user SirWiseOwl writes, "We need a sense of humor to get us through these continuous gas/petrol price rises." That was back in May, but the message certainly isn't out of style even with the recent price drop. So, what does the sense of humor bring us? A radical idea for shipping goods using electric trucks, as seen in the image above. Of course, I'm not sure how much freight can fit on a flatbed that's full of batteries. Luckily reality has managed to bring us some real electric shipping/delivery trucks like those from Modec and Smith Electric Vehicles, to name two.

SirWiseOwl has a few other similarly-minded images on Flickr, including a mule pulling a Hummer and a dog sled car. That's out-side the box thinking we can believe in.

[Source: Flickr]

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