EEStor won't be delivering any production ultra-caps this year

Over the past couple of years a number of companies have burst onto the alternative fuel vehicle scene with big claims and little in the way of actual product. Not the least among these has been EEStor, a privately-held Texas company that claimed a major breakthrough in ultra capacitor technology. Unfortunately, the company has been somewhat secretive and has yet to publicly demonstrate these electrical energy storage devices. Canadian NEV manufacturer ZENN signed an exclusive supply deal with EEStor and invested in the company. However, plans to demonstrate the new devices this year have failed to materialize so far. Our friend Lyle over at GM-Volt has more than a passing interest in electric vehicle technology above and beyond the car that gave his site its name. He actually managed to contact company founder Dr. Richard Weir who acknowledged that the company won't meet its target of producing storage devices by the end of this year. He did leave himself the out that the original target of producing hardware in 2008 was based on getting sufficient funding for the company, something which has not transpired. Weir does claim to have made some recent progress with a deal with Light Electric Vehicles Company. Hopefully, EEStor will succeed in its efforts because any new technology that can make EVs more practical and affordable is a good thing. But there are certainly no guarantees.

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