Toyota and its team of Prius designers have decided to continue on unabated with the agonizingly slow and seemingly meaningless teaser images of its next-gen Prius hybrid. To recap, first we saw the display boot-up screen, which was followed by a random switch and then what appears to be a mind-control device of some kind. Fine, so we made that last part up, but the point is that we really don't know what it is and why it's important, much like this fourth shot that can be seen above. We think that this latest teaser is a front seat, complete with power adjustment of some sort. Forward and back, tilt... secret ejector... not sure. At least we get a mildly interesting look at the door sill plate, which looks stamped from metal with the Prius logo. In any case, we expect to see the real thing live and in person at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

[Source: Prius Chat]

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