While many of our readers may be familiar with Connaught for its Type D hybrid sportscar, the firm is also hard at work developing its fuel saving technologies for more mundane types of vehicles. Connaught's HYBRID+ system has been affixed to seven Ford Transit vans with diesel engines that are owned by Tesco in the UK. Testing has taken place on the delivery vehicles and the numbers have been compiled. All in all, everything appears to have worked successfully, with the Transit vans recording an average reduction in fuel usage and in carbon emissions of about 15-percent on average. In the city, things were humming along quite nicely, with a high 24.7-percent improvement in one test and an average city mileage upgrade of about 18-percent. Even on the highway, where hybrid systems usually don't work as well, the Connaught HYBRID+ system managed to reduce fuel usage by 11.5-percent.

Using supercapacitors in lieu of batteries, Connaught's retrofit hybrid system is currently available for fleet customers for a charge of £2,750 plus VAT and can reportedly be adapted to almost any vehicle. Therefore, potential purchasers will need to do some math to find out how quickly the hybrid drivetrain could end up paying for itself.

[Source: Channel 4]

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