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The hints from a few weeks ago that Toyota would be bringing the tiny iQ to the U.S. with a Scion badge are looking more and more like the truth. AutoblogGreen reader Mark F. got an email from his local Scion dealer, Bill Kidd's in Maryland, that describes "The Future of Scion." The full update on the Scion brand reads as follows:

Scion is recognized world wide for their distinctive and customizable models, with the dependability of a Toyota product. Recently, the Scion xD was recognized by Consumer Reports as the #1 reliable new car with 80% less problems than the average model. Scion remains committed to bringing Gen Y buyers a unique, yet affordable vehicle, and 2010 is sure to be the biggest year yet. The highly anticipated, newly redesigned tC will be released, as well as an all new vehicle: The Scion IQ. As the smallest, most fuel efficient Scion, it's sure to turn heads. Stay tuned!

Nothing new there, but hearing from a dealer that the Scion iQ is on the way in 2010 is about at much confirmation as we're likely to get right now, isn't it?

[Source: Bill Kidd's email]

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