Royal Enfield has quite a history of producing motorcycles. In fact, pretty much the same motorcycle since 1955 or so, making basic changes along the way along with just a few concessions to modern roadways and rider expectations such as an electric starter and a new five speed gearbox within the last few years. All of that is set to change very soon, though, as the old Bullet with its cast iron cylinder and separate engine and gearbox castings has ceased production. The good news to fans of the classic machine is that a replacement bike has been shown at the Intermot show that just took place in Cologne, Germany.

Replacing the old-tech (some would say tried and true, of course) drivetrain is a new engine and transmission that is now constructed as a single unit. Fuel injection takes the place of the traditional carburetor and a catalyst resides in the exhaust. The new engine is a bit more powerful at 27.5-horsepower, but the real reason that the change was made was to meet current and expected new emissions regulations around the world. You can also expect the new bike to retain the old Bullet's exceptional fuel economy. The new bike is expected to make its formal debut in the U.S. sometime next year.

[Source: Royal Enfield USA - Photos: Kevin Mahoney / Royal Enfield USA]

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