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Want to know exactly what's going on with Zap? There are a lot of questions floating around about this, shall we say, aspiring company and the folks over at Green Home Huddle have set up an interview with Zap's Gary Starr to get some of them answered. This isn't just any interview, though; it's a crowd-sourced event where anyone can submit questions. I'm sure there are lot of our readers know just what to ask, and Huddle is specifically asking for your input. There's no limit to the number of question you can ask, but according to Huddler's Cristina Foung, all submitted questions will be voted on by the Huddler community and the top ones will be posed to Starr in early November. We'll post the full interview on ABG once it's been conducted.

Questions can be submitted and voted on until Friday, so give it your best shot(s). Here's the question/voting thread.

[Source: Huddler]

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