BMW's research unit has announced its latest innovation; the groundbreaking research has led to.... a Mobil Speedpass. This new multifunction smart key, co-developed with NXP Semiconductor, is actually more functional than ExxonMobil's 11-year-old RFID gadget, but that's the general idea. Wrapping NXP's latest SmartMX chip into a prototype car key will enable users to pay for items with the key, as well as using the contactless payment feature to pay for public transportation and tolls, too. Personalized services using BMW telematics will also be possible with the key – whatever that really means, we don't know. Will you be able to play a Euro version of Michael Knight? The most important thing BMW's new smart key will do, however, is efficiently give access to your car and personal finances to someone else should you misplace the doohickey. Marvelous. Please, BMW, for your next trick could you add some simplicity to your cars?
[Source: Gizmag]

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