BMW carried out a survey of 2,068 motorists in Great Britain and found that no matter what motorists claim to want, what they really want is a BMW. While 20% of respondents said they look at CO2 levels when they research new cars, 75% said they'd only buy a car if they saved money. Which really means they'd only buy a car that slurped less gas than the one in the driveway. Another notable tidbit in the "Driving Change" survey revealed that only 13-percent of people believed that other folks were really buying environmentally friendly cars because of reduced emissions. That means that those Britons know why you really bought that Prius...

Fifty-four percent of the surveyed motorists also said that diesels are better on highway journeys than hybrids, and an unknown percentage of them "are demanding premium performance as well." It's a good thing then that BMW has a line of diesels mated to its EfficientDynamics technology that gets better gas mileage, emits fewer emissions, costs less in taxes, and has higher residual values. And in case you didn't know this about BMW, they're supposed to be a lot more fun to drive. If you have a massive amount of time on your hands, you can read the full report here. Otherwise, skip the words and do your duty: buy that BMW you've had your eye on, save the Earth and have fun doing it.

[Source: BMW]

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