The American buying public may have a very short attention span. Could it be that memories of the record high gas prices of a few months back have already faded away into oblivion? The answer is a definite maybe, as full-size pickups and SUV sales have rebounded a bit from their historic lows, but are still nowhere near where they were a year or two ago. What's more, automakers seem to believe that fuel prices are set to stay high and the current lowered prices are an illusion. So, don't expect the big truck-producing Detroit 3 and Toyota to begin ramping production back up, despite the slight sales increases.

The introduction of the new Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram for 2009 will likely keep sales of big trucks improving for the next couple of months at least. Both automakers have made some improvements in the name of fuel efficiency, with Ford going so far as to introduce a specific SFE model that features gas-saving tweaks. Still, buyers who need the utility of a truck will buy one, and the rest of the market will probably continue to shift towards smaller and more efficient cars and crossovers.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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