Funnily enough, these guys aren't the only ones to ever use a box truck to ruinous effect on an automobile. There's a story that comes to mind involving a Ryder truck, a loading dock, and a Porsche 911 carcass, but we walked away from that situation when the stupid clouds started looming on the horizon. These Subaru movers went all the way, using what looks like folding cafeteria tables as a makeshift ramp. Everyone involved received a compound physics lesson when 3,000 pounds of automobile met an unsecured and poorly constructed ramp, overcoming whatever friction was holding that Rube Goldberg assemblage together, and the little Rex topped it off with a refresher course in gravity. Whoops. At least it looks like the car was already banged up. Say it with us now: "that'll buff out." Video embedded after the jump.


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